2009 Celebrations in Normandy

Next year’s celebrations of the 30th anniversary of Père Laval’s beatification will be on Sunday 13th September 2009. On this occasion, the young people of Ivry La Bataille is organising a 20 kilometres’ walk from Ivry La Bataille (where Jacques Désiré Laval had his medical practice) to cover areas associated with Père Laval: Épieds, where his mother came from and where his religious mentor L’Abbé Létard was parish priest, Croth, where he lived as a child, and Saint André, where he had his first medical practice. This will be followed by a family social evening in the Town Hall at Ivry la Bataille. This will take place on Saturday, 12th September 2009. Mauritian pilgrims will then proceed to Louviers for the pilgrimage on Sunday.

If any young person is interested in joining their French counterparts on the walk, and if anybody is interested in the pilgrimage next year, visit the site on www.omat.org.uk or phone the Overseas Mauritians Aid Trust on 020 8696 9714.

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